An Ode to Self-Care

You better treat yo'self {Insert Beyoncé voice} 


Hola friendsies! If you are like me, sometimes you just wanna come home from a long day and spoil yourself! It is actually an important part of self-care. Self-care is so important (at least that's what my mama tells me). After a long -beep- shift, all I wanna do is chillax! I wanna kick up my feet, sip on something warm and soothing, and eat something good! Here are 5 simple ways to TREAT YO' SELF!  

1. Did someone say Charcuterie? Set a delicious spread for yourself with simple ingredients: hummus, crackers, raw nuts, Brie, Mediterranean olives (you can add cured meats, fruit, various cheeses etc)

2. Whip up your fave mocktail! I'm passionate about tropical juices and ginger anything! 

3. Get that bath bomb and run a bath for yourself! Jam out to your latest jam bam (currently Tank and the Bangas for me) and get your splash on.  

4. Home mani and pedi! There is nothing more relaxing for me than painting my fingers and toes. I refuse to buy nail polish anymore because my collection is more than I need!  

5. Jump in bed with your robe, a snack, and catch up on your fave show! There is nothing that says I'm chillin' more than binge watching tv on the internet lol.  

I hope that this is the necessary inspiration needed to really take care of yourself this weekend! You deserve it especially after this long and hard week! Taking time for yourself is the best thing you can do to be of service to others. We are no good to others if we are depleted, exhausted, and empty. Remember to treat yo'self! Big Bisous! 

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