Bon Anniversaire Nonee!

What I've learned after one year of blogging!

What I've Learned After one year of blogging!

On March 20th, 2018 (which was a few days ago), I celebrated one fabulous year of Nonee's World, the blog! The last twelve months have been incredibly exhilarating filled with major highs, and some low lows. I am blessed to have this platform and be able to express myself through photography and creative writing! I have decided to share 3 different lists of things I have learned the last year. And maybe, I may do dedicated posts in the future about these topics. These lists include:

How To Monetize Your Blog

How To Grow Your Followings

How To Pitch Brands for Collaborations

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How To Monetize Your Blog

1. Do not work for free. Companies need to put some "respeck" on us as influencers. We work hard! 

2. Create a media kit which includes a separate rate card. You can check out my media kit here

3. Join Facebook groups. I've landed brand partnerships through my Facebook blogger groups. 

4. Join influencer networks. These include RewardStyle, ShopStyle, Social Fabric, Amazon Affiliate, Revfluence, and more. These networks account for my primary blogging income. 

5. Create multiple streams of income. Whether it is collaboration, offering a web based service, products, photography, or having a side hustle to your side hustle, make sure you have multiple pools of income coming in. 

How To Grow Your Followings

1. ENGAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT. You have to like, comment, and follow other people's blogs/instagrams/social networks. 

2. GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAYS. Pitch a brand you love and see if they would be interested to do a giveaway. You can also get together with a few other bloggers who align with your brand and giveaway a gift card. Loop giveaways are tricky; you hemorrhage followers afterward! So do these at your own risk. 

3. Join Facebook blogger groups. Life changing! There are groups on Facebook that are geared to help participants grow. 

4. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. This is something that absolutely changed the game for me as well. Hit up your fave blogger/photographer/entrepreneur in town and see if she/he wants to coffee date with you. What you learn from each other, PRICELESS! 

5. Do your research. Do your due diligence to research how others become successful. There is a lot of handwork involved with a sprinkle of alchemy. Something about how you put out energy into the universe and it receives it aligns things up for you. 

6. EMAIL LISTS. These are the most committed people. They support your brand whole heartedly and they 'belong' to you whereas IG followers do not. Grow your email lists. In fact, check out my mentor in my head Jenna Kutcher. 

How To Pitch Brands for Collaborations

1. Put value in yourself. You is SMART, you is KIND, and you is IMPORTANT! Although brands attempt to pillage us for all we have, putting value in yourself empowers others to feel valuable as well. Don't sell yourself short. 

2. Pitch the brand of your dreams. The worst that they can say is no. My initial emails usually look like, My name is Nonee (and I explain what and who I am) and I was trying to find out if your brand collaborates with bloggers. Very simple. 

3. Use an email template. Design a template that is uniform and hits all the major points (who are you, where are you from, why you, and why this brand).

4. Do not wait for companies to come to you. Seek out the partnerships you want. You have to secure the bag (or secure your checks). 

5. Make yourself VISIBLE. Comment on other bloggers advertisements because companies are following up with their ads. And, comment on social media accounts of brands you want to work with. They will see you! This is exactly how I became a beauty blogger by mistake. 

What better way to celebrate a whole year other than sharing what I have learned! The thing is, there is so much other knowledge out there that is still waiting to settle on my ears and I am very open to receiving it. So if you have a word of advice, let me know! I am so incredibly thankful for this platform and pray for future success. Thank you all for subscribing and following Nonee's World. We are a family here and you too can join the tribe (and ENTER TO WIN a $50 Nordstrom gift card) by subscribing to my blog! I do not spam! I promise! Until next time loves, big bisous!  

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What I've Learned in My First Year Blogging