An Evening with Chicasual

A playful evening mixing textures and prints! 

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Dear Warm Weather, 

          At this point, we are begging you to come and stay. This business of hot one day and then cold for a week is no longer working out. It really takes a lot to heat a home. Please help us save on gas bills and just come already. I hope I don't regret this wish. 

Sincerely, An anxious Nonee. 

#chicasual #polkadottop #solesociety

           Hi Lovelies! I went ahead and did us all the favor of begging mother nature to come through with the warm weather! It is June and we still have spring showers and cool weather. The North East is not being kind at the moment. I just came back from my first travel adventure of the summer to Chicago, IL and Michigan. I had an epic time. Look out for a post or two coming soon about that adventure! About this look: this top is EVERYTHING! Those shoes, even more. 


Polka Dot Top: Chicasual  

Jeans: Target  

Fringe Sandals: Sole Society

Purse: Michael Kors

Earrings:  Forever 21

Necklace: Akeyno

This look was totally inspired by this gorgeous top by CHICasual out of New York. I am totally inspired by innovative minds who develop small businesses and I am always out to support. These gorgeous shoes are courtesy of sole society and are just on trend with the fringe and chunky heel. In typical Nonee fashion, I had to pair this outfit with a fun purse that happened to match perfectly with my shoes! 


06/01/17- Today was a horrible day at work. Some days I really question why I continue to be a nurse. I have days like today were I come home thoroughly exhausted and just ready for renewal. Thankfully, I am off to another adventure for the next three weeks next week! 

Are you a blogger in the Pacific NorthWest? Email me, lets meet up and do coffee! For real. Thank you all for committing to me. So much love and Big Bisous! 

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