Coffee Anyone?

Sunday chatter over coffee with a girlfriend...

           Hello Friends! I live for a good coffee shop, don't you? By good I mean, amazing atmosphere, curated hot and cold drinks, and an array of delectable eats. Connecticut is not a prime location for coffee shops. There are few and far between in the central region. However there are a few good ones, that are definitely worth sharing. Check out an awesome list of CT Coffee Shops here

          Coffee shops are ideal for casual Sunday mornings, mid-week casual business dates, first dates, homework days, blogger coffee pics, and most importantly, I need my coffee fix days. I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means, but I do appreciate a smooth, silky, and aromatic cup of coffee.

           I try to make it to a coffee shop at least once or twice a week. Because of nursing, I am always at Au Bon Pain or Starbucks but very quickly for a coffee to wake me up before my shift. But I try to actually go out, and spend an afternoon or morning at the coffee shop. My current fave coffee shop is the one pictured in this post; Dom's Coffee in Avon CT. It is one of the cutest modern, European Style, cafe's in CT. The coffee is divine, the art is spot on (hello Bloggers), the decor is incredible, and the treats are delectable!

         I'm so new to this area that I know that for sure, I'm missing some awesome spots in the area. If you have a coffee shop near or far (I travel a lot) that you think is amazing, please share below! Until next time, Big Bisous! 

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