Blogger Event with Consignment Originals!

The best way to make & save money in Connecticut! 

With Amanda of Amanda Bella, CT Blogger

With Amanda of Amanda Bella, CT Blogger

Lovelies! I am so thankful for the weekend! I have worked my hiney off at work last week. I enjoyed a well-earned R&R over the weekend. I must tell you guys, a little over a week ago, I went to this awesome blogger event hosted by Consignment Originals. I knew that there were going to be other local CT bloggers but I wasn't sure who! That definitely made my palms sweat a little as I thought about attending this event. Blogger events sometimes set me into an emptional upheaval. Never in life do I question and second guess myself than before a blogger event. I am now becoming more seasoned but it's a step by step process. Scroll down for more...

With Christine of Vigor and Vogue, CT Blogger

This event was like none other. We walked into wine and light bites, greeted by the most lovely team of ladies #girlbosses! Each team member, was so warm and incredibly gracious. As a relationship person, I am prone to remember how you made me feel versus whatever material good I received from you! We were able to peruse the new Consignment Originals store in Manchester, CT whilst networking with other bloggers in the area. I was legit eerie about attending until I arrived and saw that the prices are beyond reasonable and comparable with my favorite consignment store, CrossRoads Trading Co. 

At the courtesy of the store, all the bloggers received a gift card so that we could shop. I literally walked out with a beautiful antique mirror, Brand new New Balance Sneakers, a satin ruffle top, and a perfect cotton forest green body con dress and only spent less than $100. I was so pleased with my purchases I returned to the Avon store a couple of days later and purchased a pair of MadeWell jeans for less than $25 and Michael Kors cotton wide leg pants for less than $20. I all the way believe I WON!!! 


There are 5 locations in Connecticut: Cheshire, Rocky Hill, Avon, Manchester, and Orange. This company has been thriving in this area for over 30 years which speaks to how amazing it truly is. I try to not BS you guys, and I wouldn't write this if I truly didn't believe it. I am hooked. 

You all are so lovely and so patient. I will be heading off to Michigan for a week on vacation this week. Be sure to keep up with me via instagram linked below:

Take care and see you in my next post or via instagram. Check out my other social networks and I'm only a stone throw away. Big Bisous!