Saying Yes to the Dress at Everthine bridal

Finding Davinia by pronovias at Everthine Bridal in Madison, Ct

Captured by  Nine Five Photography

We have been on a journey; a long and ultimately AMAZING journey! I am two weeks into marriage and still reminiscing on how incredible the journey to wedding was. One of the most important factors for me, was getting the perfect dress. As you guys know, we have journeyed long and I finally found the love of my style eye at Everthine Bridal in Madison, CT. 

We started this journey just trying to figure out what worked with my body. Prior to arriving at Everthine, I figured out pretty quickly that a sheath or mermaid dress looked best on me due to my curvier figure. It was at Everthine however that we found multiple dresses that were actual contenders. In fact, as someone who is newer to the area, I figured out quickly that New England has a certain style that people rarely deviate from and that is true to bridal as well. What I absolutely LOVE about Everthine Bridal is that it is an independent designer boutique with global designers such as Pronovias and Rue de Seine that are for the conventional yet unconventional bride. So the bohemian, the boho chic, the eclectic, the elegant, the every bride; there is something unique there for everyone. 

I wanted to take this time to share with you guys how I picked out the love of my style dreams, Davinia by Pronovias. It was a very long road. To date, I tried on at least 20 dresses. At Everthine Bridal, between my two appointments, I tried on 10 dresses. The moment I put on Davinia the first time, I felt comfortable. The second time, I knew without a doubt, I belonged to her and she was mine. Scroll Down for More...


I documented this journey primarily on Instagram. To peruse all the dresses I tried on, click any image in the above carousel or click here! 

          My mom is literally my best friend and so I tried to take her to every appointment because we knew it was a once in a lifetime journey. Her and I have had each other's backs (she has had mine more). She felt just as entitled to making a decision to the dress as I did. At some point it became frustrating because I wasn't going to wear a dress that she didn't like. For the longest, it seemed as if every dress was a problem. 

My first appointment was everything. If you have never been to Madison, CT, you have to go! It is so serene and embodies everything shoreline Connecticut. The boutique is located in a quaint old home just of Wall Street and is so well decorated inside. As you enter, you are met with a warm and inviting welcome as you step into bridal land. It truly is a total experience at Everthine Bridal from start to finish.

"It truly is a total experience at Everthine Bridal from start to finish."

 At my first appointment, I tried on Benny Bodhin by Rue de Seine. I freaking was in love with her. I loved everything about her; the bustier top, the open lace with beading, and the overall strong bohemian style. I thought holy hell, I found the one. She also came with a pretty price tag but with how in love I was, I almost bit the bullet. I tried on 4 more dresses after that including Davinia by Pronovias. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the beauty of any other dress because of how in love, I was with Benny Bodhin. Thankfully, my mom and my friend took many pictures of every dress I tried on and my awesome bridal consultant took the time to make me see the beauty of every gown after that. I do remember both my mom and my friend being breath taken when walking out in my actual dress though.

Per the advice of my consultant, I went home and looked over the images from all the dresses I had tried on. After sleeping on it that night, I woke up feeling very impressed Davinia checked off all the boxes of the dress of my dreams. I consulted with my mom and she too was in agreement of this decision. I was eager to get to my second appointment because I wanted to feel this surety in my heart that I was experiencing in my head. At my second appointment, my consultant was shop owner and stylist, Chelsea! She really was helpful in navigating the dresses and really tuned into me, the bride! She helped find dresses that would work but most importantly, she took note on Davinia as a high possibility. We tried her on last. And as soon as the fabric cradled my body, I knew without a doubt that I was saying "YES to the dress"! This time, she had the detachable off the shoulder chiffon sleeves and baby, I was sold! Even my mom, was sold! So yes, yes, yes and more yes!

"And as soon as the fabric cradled my body, I knew without a doubt that I was saying 'YES to the dress'"

At my final appointment, I picked up Davinia by Pronovias up at Everthine. We tried her on as well as accessories; most importantly the veil. Everthine Bridal offers a wide range of accessories including veils, jewelry, and much more! Between ordering my dress and pick up was about 8 weeks. I picked up my dress in mid-June and started alterations at the end of June. I definitely recommend giving yourself enough time because alterations take about 3-4 weeks. 

As much as I tried to cherish every moment in wedding planning, I am just relieved that it's over. At times, I see pictures and wish to relive the wedding over again. I absolutely loved my dress and the confirmation was my mother in law stating how much more amazing it looked in person. I can't thank the staff at Everthine Bridal enough for their incredible support through this crazy process. At times I felt so crazy because I couldn't make my mind up or couldn't find one I actually liked. I would keep thinking, is it true; when I find the one I will know? The answer is YES! When you find the right dress, you will know! You will feel it in your spirit and your bones and your mind and heart will agree and for me, so will your mom. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this because I've been posting dresses for many months. You all have been incredibly patient with me and thank you for that. Thank you for all your congratulatory messages and emails. Marrying Taj was one of the things in my life at this moment I was most sure about. He is so special to me and I love him deeply. Until next time loves, big bisous! 

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