Style Stories with ModaBox

Style Stories with ModaBox

Will you be my stylist please?  

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           Have ya'll heard about the personalized monthly style boxs that are delivered to you at home? What an AWESOME concept right?!! Yes I know, it is actually one of those ideas that I'm like, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Although I am a style blogger and the thought is I am passionate shopper, I honestly would rather just chill out at home and not go ever! It takes a lot of effort and energy which I would rather expend napping! Thankfully, there are companies such as ModaBox which do all that for me and all I have to do is fill out a style profile once and then voilà, every month, a box of clothing and jewelry specially curated for me by my personal stylist! Scroll down for more...

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#noneesworld #modabox #curlygirls

         As an individual who is passionate about style, I was scared to relinquish that power over to another person. However, after receiving my ModaBox, I was pleasantly surprised at how personalized my style picks were and how they truly matched my style profile. I received four outfits and had 7 days to return them. 


1. When first entering the website, you are asked to create a style profile via taking a short quiz. 

2. You then pick a tier from three choices that matches your lifestyle. There is a select box, premier box, and luxe box each featuring different outfit choices and different try on periods. 

3. Use code NONEEXMB11795 for a $20 gift card. 

4. Get matched with you own expert personal stylist. I was matched with John. 

5. Wait for your box at home, and try it on at home. Keep what you want, and send back the rest. 

easy like Sunday morning...


The best part of this process was the surprise of getting new clothes and not knowing what they are. It truly felt like Christmas but more so, actually seeing the pieces and understanding the vision that your stylist had when those outfits came together. Once matched, my stylist reached out to me personally via email to follow up on my style. He asked for inspirational photos of what I like to wear and came up with a few outfit picks based of off that. In addition to clothing, the styling included jewelry which paired up perfectly with the selections. 


Curvy Girl Confessions: I am skinny thick! I have curves all over the place and so finding clothes that fit well can be a challenge. There was a pair of jeans I couldn't even fit in because my hips said no! Also, I have a major thing with purchasing quality items. I take quality over brand any day. So although most items were name brands such as Michael Kors, Philosophy etc, I ultimately made my picks based off the quality. Also, for the quality of some of the pieces, the prices where a bit outrageous. 


Growing up, I really was inspired by professional wear. I really appreciated looking like I was ready for a business meeting at any time lol. Also, my mom always stressed the importance of quality pieces which really has stuck with me. 

Top: Philosophy Cut and Sew Top c/o ModaBox

Pants: Anne Klein Pocket Coulette Pants c/o ModaBox

Bag: Michael Kors Satchel

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Lippie: Mac 'All Fired Up' and Kat Von D 'A-Go-Go'

Watch: Fossil 

         A very special thank you to ModaBox for sponsoring this box. I truly enjoyed the process and enjoyed trying on the different pieces! For more info, please check out their website! And for those who don't like the hassle of shopping but still want to look good, this is so for you! Until next time, Big Bisous!  

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