Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham

Our Wedding Album  

Photography by  Nine Five Photography

Photography by Nine Five Photography

As many of you know, last year on August 5th, 2018, Taj and I finally got married! It has literally been just a little over a year and we are just now sharing our wedding album. I actually wrote this blog post a whole year ago. At that time, I was super ecstatic to share with you guys this day I had been dreaming about and planning for, forever.

Getting married to bae, was a long time coming. To be honest, marriage didn’t feel like finally for us; it seems like just yesterday we were new lovebirds 18 and 21 years old. Time flies when you are having fun I guess! We have been together almost a decade and I can’t believe it! We still are learning so much about each other day after day especially because we are living together for the first time! Our wedding day was magical! What the day meant for our lives together was simply magical! Our family and friends gathered to celebrate with us and we just feel incredibly blessed!

You guys went through this wedding journey with me from beginning to end! I must share moments from the day with you all. I was never the girl who dreamt of my wedding day since I was 5. I always knew that I wanted something low key and uniquely me. We had so many hiccups leading up to the day but I’m 100% certain that God really intervened and lined up the stars in our favor! I don’t think I’ll get into the dynamics of our hiccups much in this post but next time Wedding season rolls around, I will! For now, please enjoy our wedding album! Scroll down for more...


I was inspired by Meghan Markle’s simplicity. Everything she wore on her wedding day was incredibly low key, beyond effortless, and just simply stunning. My dress spoke to the bohemian part of me but I wanted everything else to be natural, simple, and beautiful!

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Getting ready with my girls was such a beautiful experience for me. I loved being able to see all the women I love and adore together in the same place. I can’t believe that that reunion happened and I’m so sad that it may not happen again anytime soon. I have beautiful memories to hold onto for a lifetime. All my bridesmaid were friends of mine from childhood and college. I was lucky enough to have my childhood bestie/sister Tatenda and high school bestie Valerie both from Idaho; my bestie Estelle from Florida; my college bestie crew Frances from Washington, Georgia from Russia, and Eva from the United Arab Emirates; my bestie Armelle from Canada, and my bestie/sister for life Edith from Washington; and my sweet new sister Rainbow (bae’s sister).

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Connecticut Weddings
Connecticut Weddings






Our friends were generous enough to allow us to use their home as our wedding venue. I was so obsessed with the view from the backyard and knew that their space was big enough to accommodate at least 150 people. A whole year later I am so obsessed with photos and thankful that the vision came together. Despite the bumps, the wedding was incredible and we are now one year in! Special thank you to the best aunts, brothers, cousins, and friends a girl could ask for! You all are the real MVPs for going through this crazy process with us even till today.I can’t wait to share more wedding details! Stay tuned!

Until next time friends, big bisous!