Nurse's Week 2017

To ordinary every day beings, with super powers... 

         Hello loves! For those of you who may not know, I am an ICU nurse by day. Each year, my enthusiasm for Nurse's week seems to increase. This year, my enthusiasm peaked as I hosted a giveaway in partnership with FIGS brand for a fresh pair of their awesome scrubs. Also, I collaborated with Medelita of which I am a HIP Ambassador for with an article entitled "Self-Care in the Nursing Profession". 

Here is a small excerpt: 

"Why is self-care not promoted in nursing or in healthcare? After four years and two facilities, I have concluded that taking personal time to promote mental and physical health is usually seen as taboo. However, there are many reasons to why in healthcare your theme song is “Work” by Rihanna. These reasons include short staffing, scheduling, patient load, budget deficits, and many more."


Scrubs: c/o FIGS

White Coat: c/o Medelita

Sneakers: c/o Brooks Running

Stethoscope: Cardiology III by Littman 

            Although Nurse's Week was May 6th to May 12th, I felt it important to publish about Nurses. There are many defining points to my life and being a nurse is definitely one of them. My career has and continues to shape the person I am today. I definitely attribute my open-mindedness to nursing. I would also say that being a nurse has made me an efficient individual who thinks on the go. My job demands for me to be fast-paced, efficient, and an excellent manager of time. I am none of the above but everyday I am striving to be better. I just want to say THANK YOU to all the nurses out there. At times, I feel as if we are least appreciated but most needed. You guys and gals seriously superheroes. Keep Killin' (not literally now) babes!