NYFW: How to Get Invited to Shows!

NYFW: How to Get Invited to Shows!

How to attend new york fashion week

There is no question in life I get more than how are you attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Every time NYFW rolls around, I am always asked this question repetitively so now I will direct people to this blogpost. To be honest, up until I attended fashion week for the first time in September 2017, I had absolutely no idea how to attend; like have tons of shows and stuff. My first fashion week, I only had 2 shows and an event scheduled for a four day trip. I thought I was winning because I was just so happy to go but once I met people who were booked up with shows, networking events, and brand meetings, I knew I was missing something.

This blog post is solely intended to be a starter pack for other people who want to attend but have no idea how to get started. I want this to be simple, precise, legitimate, and actually helpful. If you have additional questions or concerns, please leave a comment and I will certainly get back with you at my earliest availability. For a detailed list of how to attend, scroll down…

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  1. Utilize modem online as a prime resource in the weeks leading up to NYFW for a schedule of shows.

    • Global Fashion Week Schedules

    • Press Contacts for each fashion house

    • NYFW Events information

  2. Utilize GPS Radar as a co-prime resource as you can manage all invitations in the app. To to part of GPS radar, you have to apply with your business email and be accepted.

    • Manage invitations

    • Pitch fashion houses for attendance to shows

    • Direct access to fashion brands

    • Request attendance to shows via app as schedule is updated

  3. Reach out to PR agencies one month before fashion week to ask to get on their press list. Two weeks before the shows, reach out to the same PR agencies requesting invitations to specific brands. (I.e- I want to go to the Dan Liu show and Dan Liu is represented by Rivière Agency. Rivière Agency is one of the premiere PR groups and represents several other fashion houses.)

  4. Utilize NYFW pitch templates to write your pitch emails if you are a novice. If you are a part of Style Collective, there is a NYFW pitch template free with membership.  

  5. About 2-3 months in advance, gather your basic ideas together and research hotels that collaborate with bloggers. Pitch a hotel for a comped or discounted rate during NYFW. 

  6. Join Facebook support groups and NYFW groups. So many shows I’ve attended because I inherited a ticket from someone who was unable to go. Also, these groups are a great resource as you can find information about events, hotels, travel, transit and more!

  7. Look for supplementary events during NYFW that will expand your network and reach. Utilize websites such as Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram to find other exciting opportunities.

  8. When you get there, remember to take some time to really be present in the moment and enjoy your success on pulling off your NYFW experience without a hitch! 

    Hopefully these tips were helpful and warranted! If you have any questions, please list them below! Until next time loves...big bisous! 

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