O{h}LIVE: Yay for Hellos

Welcome to Nonee's World! 

         Hello Friends! Mic check, mic check! Anyone there? It's 1am in the morning and I'm like oh effff, I totes have to be at work in 6 hours. My mind is running because I can not contain this excitement to be opening a blog again!!! WAAHOO! #Wonthedoit! Welcome to my blog friends! It is with such great pleasure to say that (gasp). 

This blog is a compilation of the passion projects that have been in the works since my last blog The Pinnest's Journal. So whats new? OMG! Where do I start folks?

1. I got engaged Xmas 2015 to my bf of 7 years Tajli

2. I moved from Walla Walla, WA to Connecticut. 

3. I am in grad school at UCONN studying to be a nurse practitioner. 

4. I now take photography clients. 

5. And, my new baby, Nonee's World is here. 

         I am literally beyond the moon and I am thankful to the most high for aligning my stars in this order. Right now, my life is just so busy. I literally have a planner that denotes each moment. If I'm not at work (Critical Care Nurse), I am at school or doing homework. If I am not caught up with nursing stuff, I am blogging (pretty much full-time) or doing photography shoots for clients. It's a hectic and wild ride that I am so here for right now. So what to expect on this blog:


Thank ya'll for your support and love! Peruse the site! There are so many lovely things in store especially under the tab portfolio. Much love and happy week! 

What I'm wearing:

Shoes: Zara (or similar) // Skirt: Target -Who What Wear- (or similar) // Top: Target -Who What Wear- (or similar) //Jacket: Irregular Exposure