Remnants of Summer

Remnants of Summer

A SoCal GetAway Dress


Hey Lovelies! Long time no see! Let's blame school 100%. Juggling school, work, blogging, and wedding planning is a job for two people, although it's just me. I'm stressed! However, the show must carry on darling which brings me to this post. I am OBSESSED with this dress! It is like the perfect Salsa dancing dress! Which brings me to point #2, I truly believe I was Mexican in another lifetime lol. I connect so deeply with the Mexican culture but maybe it's because they have similar values to African culture and are a vibrant people. When I first started college, I hadn't been around many people generally. All of a sudden, I was thrown into this beautiful melting pot of all colors and nationalities. One of the "mother hens" of our group was a beautiful Reina who reigned from Oaxaca. She truly was the first introduction to Mexican culture at a personal level and she taught me so much about life. Most importantly, she taught me how to cook Mexican food and understand flavors. Scroll Down For More...

Adelyn Rae Dress
Nordstrom Summer Dress
Spanish Style Dress

SPANISH flair 

I am absolutely in love with this dress! Every time I wear it, I feel like regal nobility from some royal line. I love how it dances in the wind as I walk and it's bright and vibrant colors announce their arrival from across a room! This dress was the perfect accessory when I was in SoCal this summer. It was light and airy for the hot weather and it was cute AF! I paired it with some old Zara leather sandals that I've had forever and still religiously wear!

For makeup, I paired this with a natural complete beat face as well as a nude lippie. I feel as if the dress alone was drama enough and I didn't need anything extra. I wore this dress the entire afternoon around Venice Beach. Have you seen my article about California? If not, click here. There I talk about my entire trip and also make recommendations for you if you are planning to travel to California soon. Shop my looks below via my affiliate links. 

I promise to publish more. I have a few incredible photography posts in queue and I think one will drop later this week! Thank you all for your amazing support and love, until next time, big bisous! 

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