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TravelNonee Ngazimbi

Roadtrip Diaries From Sunny SoCal 

Hey lovelies! So, I started school last Monday and literally it was a mix of excitement and grouchiness. A week prior to starting school, I returned home from a two week road trip in SoCal and in the PNW.  My original intention was to drive up the entire coast but after multiple runs in Long Beach, San Diego, and to Joshua Tree and back, I was over being in a car. So thankfully, I have no regrets about missing everything between Los Angeles and Tillamook, Oregon. Because between having my love Taj, my brother Thulani and his gf Tasha there, too many beautiful memories were made that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My heart was full and overflowing with joy! California was a refreshing and beautiful retreat. I got to cross of bucket list places to visit and literally when you do something you have always wanted to do, it is surreal no matter how small it is! My very favorite place was Joshua Tree, CA! I felt overwhelmingly emotional being able to share this experience with people I adore! Travel is a beautiful thing! It teaches you some beautiful lessons about life, love, and yourself. Scroll down for more...


Dear Diary,                                                                          08/03/2017

I jumped on a plane at the butt crack of dawn to go and hang in California for a while. In line with my spontaneity theme of the summer, I left most details to happen by chance (but this time I researched expenses etc). I am so excited. Thank God I chose a better airline this time than Spirit airlines. Spirit appears cheap but then you have to pay for seats and even your carry on and its like WTF?!!! Anyway, I flew into the airport in Long Beach because somehow it was cheaper than LAX, San Diego, and Santa Monica. Note: always look at the airports around where you are flying. Thank goodness because my goal for this trip is to save money and not over do it. And also to maintain somewhat of a healthy diet whilst traveling. Later: I arrived at the airport in Long Beach and it was dope AF! It was an outdoor oasis with a beautiful courtyard and an outdoor baggage claim. I knew I was in Cali once I saw all the palm trees. And just like that, a blue fiat rolled up and I knew I was in good company with my brother, Thulani. 


Long Beach was actually super cool. The day after arrived, we were driving down the street and I swear I see Lil Romeo in a Mercedes coming out of a plaza. My brother is like wtf, whatever! Anyway so we slow down and guess what ya'll, it WAS Lil Romeo. Celebrity siting- check! We got to explore some of the neighborhoods of Long Beach and it was so RAD! The most exciting parts were enjoying delicious food at Hole Mole (delicious and cheap tacos) and Tasty Food to Go (rated 5 stars on YELP, cheap, and large portions). 

SAN DIEGO, CA                                                                      

Dear Diary,                                                                               08/05/17

Today, we are up 'early' and headed to San Diego. I have a few stops I have scheduled including La Jolla, Ho Chi Minh Trail, and Old San Diego. Will we be able to do all three? I guess it all depends on the traffic. I'm learning that there is traffic everyday here in SoCal. I'm just ready to ride down the PCH and see what I can see on the way down. Later: My brother drives like speed racer. It is somewhere between race car driver and road runner. We are weaving in and out of this traffic and its miles on miles of cars backed up. Its been about 2 hours and we are finally at La Jolla! I am slightly in awe because this place is a bucket list item for me. It is just as beautiful as I imagined. I'm stuck between absorbing all the radiance this magical place can offer, investigating all the various succulents I am seeing, and taking pictures to keep for a lifetime. And the best part, I get to share this moment with Taj! Later: we drove a few miles north into the hills to hike Ho Chi Minh Trail. OMFG! It is epic AF! I'm in a dress and trail running shoes straight thuggin' up and down these hills. 


Before leaving on my trip, I made a 'wish list' of places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do. I highly suggest doing that when you travel as it will make your life easier and you can get the most out of your experience. 


Dear Diary,                                                                           08/07/2017

Today, we are embarking on a journey of a lifetime. In an alternate universe, I am a desert fairy who survives on the land and is fed spiritually by desert guides. I feel as if my soul will be nourished as this is seriously somewhat surreal since its a bucket list place for me. Travel has freed my soul! I am almost addicted to the spontaneity and just the idea that all you have to focus on is yourself and learning about the people and environment around you. Oh, I am starting to see a Joshua Tree or two. This means we are heading up into the mountains and we will be there soon! I'm so stoked especially because there are three dogs in the back seat with Tasha and I. They are so cute and sweet though! I've never thought to bring a dog on vacay (not like I have any dogs). I can't wait to hike tomorrow! I just want to be absorbed into the park.


Joshua Tree was amazing AF! It was such a chill time. We rented a dog friendly AirBnb which was so cute. It was a beautiful bonding time for us and we were able to just relax. We made our own meals (shout out to my chef Brother, Thulani for the Momofuku fried chicken) and enjoyed each other's company. Hiking was the best experience. I got this really awesome LL Bean backpack I take when I travel which has all the pockets and hooks I need for all my travel excursions. I filled it with snacks, sunscreen, and water and it came in hand AF. The best part about Joshua Tree was just hanging with people I love and creating beautiful memories. My happiness comes from relationships with people and having those memories! I can't ask for more in life...



Would I recommend California and specifically this type of trip? Hell yes! I had so much fun and I have such incredible memories to take home with me. The days I spent in LA, we literally meandered. My brother showed us around everywhere. These are the LA hotspots we hit up: 

Venice Beach, CA

Griffith Observatory

In the past: 

Sample Sales in Garment District


Laguna Beach

Lovelies, this brings me to the end of this post! You all are troopers for reading through this. I'm currently in New York for NYFW. I attended the Naturally Curly event last night and it was SO AMAZE plus the goodie bag was for the Gods! It was filled with hundreds of dollars worth of curly hair girl products! I definitely will do a post about my NYFW experience. Until next time, big bisous!