Sun Dress Season

It's actually a thing ya'll... 


          Hola Lovelies! So here I am on a Tuesday, status post binge watching Chewing Gum again last night, ready to recap my weekend for you guys! The saga starts with sitting on a bench at school with my classmates last week and finding out that we are on the dawn of "Sun Dress Season". Don't worry boo, I'll fill you in. You know, the season that guys and some girls loathe after. It happens every spring, when all the girls wear the cotton or stretchy rayon body con maxi's. The dresses that on one hand have you completely covered, but also accentuate every curve on your body...yea! I'm way late to this party! But friends, it is beyond a thing! 

#WhoWhatWear #SunDress

           So I totes have a confession I have to make: I'm slow in finding out new things in popular culture. I am always torn between embarrassment and curiosity when I find out something new. I feel as if people think I bury my head in the sand a lot but truth is, I really don't have time to be on top of stuff that doesn't pertain to what is in the sight in my tunnel. My tunnel consists of grad school, fiance, family, blogging, and work. Other than that, I am quite full to capacity. Growing up it would always make me feel self-conscious because being on top of pop culture equates to 'cool' to some people. So I was rather uncool but I always think my uncool-ness (made up word) has brought me thus far i'll create my own breeze lol. 

           I don't know about you guys but I am OBSESSED with Target; like if I had time, I would be there multiple times per week. My obsession has kind of toned down since the beginning of the school year (since I would rather lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling rather than leave the house on a free day). This gorgeous dress is from the Who What Wear collection by Target. I am obsessed with this line. They have up to date, uber trendy, and classic pieces specially curated. You guys must check it out (disclaimer: not sponsored). 

What I'm Wearing:

Dress: Who What Wear by Target

Clutch: Primark

Suede Sandals: Steve Madden

Sunnies: Primark

           It's May and Nurses week is coming up which means GiveAways and celebrations! Nurses and every helping profession are just everyday superheroes I salute everyday! I really want to be a part of that conversation especially since I am a nurse myself. Don't miss out on this week's newsletter coming within the next couple of days. Big Bisous!