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The Novice Wanderlust

TravelNonee Ngazimbi
The Novice Wanderlust

Travel chic: comfortable and cute!


            Hello lovelies! As many of you know, I am on another adventure this time in the Pacific NorthWest aka my old stomping grounds! I am a passionate former PNW-er and I am just so tickled at being here. Traveling is something I absolutely love and adore. Being able to move around and explore just fills a part of my soul that is specially reserved for renegades. A huge part of traveling is knowing how to be chic but still efficient in all ways possible. Below, are my 6 tips for easy travel for the novice wanderlust.  Scroll down for more...


          I was just in Michigan and Chicago just one week ago. This summer is just a crazy busy travel time for me. I am roaming around the Pacific Northwest for the next 2 weeks and then heading to the sunshine state for the Blog Her conference in Orlando, FL. After that, I will finally be heading home to check on my garden. I realized that I will only be back home for a couple of weeks before hopefully heading to Africa for 3 weeks. So as you all can imagine, it will be a WILD summer full of incredible adventure. 


1. Make an itinerary! Even if you are trying to be spontaneous, having a plan even if it is loose is a good idea. 

2. Pack light. I am notorious for only having a carry on bag and/or a handbag no matter how long the trip.

3. Make a budget. It is easy to get carried away whilst traveling. It is important to make and stick to a budget so that you do not overspend. 

4. Make use of airbnb's and friends. Traveling can become extremely expensive. Utilize as much cheap lodging as possible and ask your friends to crash at their homes. It is a huge money saver! 

5. Make use of local grocery stores and try to limit eating out. This tip is the most budget friendly  and healthiest I have. Upon arrival, head to the grocery store and get a small supply of groceries such as fruits, granola bars, etc.

6. Have fun and relax! Traveling can be stressful! Remember to just relax and enjoy! You only have those moments to indulge so take that time and make memories.

        This post was inspired by this weekender bag which I think is absolute perfection minus the fact that its not real leather. I am absolutely in love with blush pink this season and cognac is really doing it for me color wise. I added some flair with  gorgeous turquoise chandelier earrings. And closed this look with a pair of floral Vans. 


Sweater- H&M

Jeans- Target 

Floral Sneakers- Vans 

Bag- Sole Society

Earrings- Sole Society

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Necklace- Akeyno

          I hope that you all have an awesome Monday and an even better week! Today, I may or may not be off to Portland, OR as I continue my journey through the PNW. I've spent the last couple of days in Walla Walla and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself reconnecting with old friends and also hitting up all my 'hot spots'. I am such a passionate former Walla Wallaian and I feel so lucky to be able to reexamine old stomping grounds. Of course, keep up with me via instastories and my feed on Instagram for daily movements! Once again, you all have been so lovely! I feel super blessed to be able to share my passion and create content! Thank you for your ever ending support! Until next time, big bisous!

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