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Wedding Band Shopping with Michaels Jewelers

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Wedding planning is ALOT of work (in case you guys didn’t know). I seriously can’t wait to be done with school so that I can have a major stressor of my back and can focus solely on wedding planning. Juggling both has been an incredible struggle in addition to being a blogger but something about the universe not giving you more than you can bear right? Thankfully, I’ve been able partner with awesome local businesses such as Michaels Jewelers to make this process easier. Michaels Jewelers is a long standing (over 100 years), family owned, local Connecticut business dedicated to providing the finest diamonds and jewelry to our community. With 10 locations throughout the state, Michaels Jewelers is readily accessible and equipped with friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to help with all your fine jewelry needs!

"Michaels Jewelers has the perfect selection of bands that span the spectrum that will fit the bill for him and her." 

Wedding band shopping is 4th in line to venue, dress, and catering as far as list of priorities for me. Thankfully, I’ve checked off the first 3 and now, the next most important order of business is getting the perfect bands for bae and I. My metal of choice for years has been rose gold. I’ve adored copper and like colors since I was a child due to how they pair with my complexion. Rose gold really is enhanced against my rich brown hue and has a gorgeous contrast. And although I’m not the queen of matching with bae, I really want us to have matching bands. The motto is, classic, chic, and timeless. Michaels Jewelers has the perfect selection of bands that span the spectrum that will fit the bill for him and her. And, if for some reason they don’t have the exact ring you are looking for, they have the wonderful option to have your ring custom made. Want to win $3000 in wedding bands? Scroll down for more...

I’ve been to countless bridal fittings! To date, I’ve tried on about 20 dresses or so but thankfully, I found the one (post coming later and if you haven’t seen my first post, click here). I figured that wedding band shopping would be similar to bridal dress shopping right? Well, yes and no. Trying on wedding dresses is a lot more physical work than trying on rings. You can literally try on 20 rings in one sitting and not be phased (and possibly make a decision) whereas you can on try on between 5 to 7 dresses in one fitting and leave emotionally exhausted. Trust me, I’ve been wedding band shopping for a few months now and I’ve been to other jewelers and I’ve felt like their selection is not as vast as Michaels Jewelers nor do they have the glorious option to customize to your liking. 


Upon arriving to my Michaels Jewelers, conveniently located in West Farms Mall in Farmington, CT, I was greeted by one of the lovely jewelry consultants. We just need to take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful her rings were (unfortunately not pictured) that she had customized by the in house jeweler. So already, her and I were off to a good start because her jewelry was on point! The first question I got was, what are you looking for? As mentioned, your girl wanted a rose gold band that is unique and can stand alone. Additionally, because of my profession (super gross and germy), I need one that can be cleaned easily and will not hold onto excess dirt or germs. Also, both bae and I are looking for rose gold bands. This is a tall order for anyone but my consultant came fully equipped and knew her stuff. We started off with a variety of styles of bands including white gold, gold, wood, titanium, and meteorite. Off the bat, I knew plain would not do for me even though for my job, that’s the most appropriate. Additionally, my engagement ring is petite, so I need a band that won't overwhelm the ring and one that won't be so thin that it will be underwhelming against it. For Taj, he is simple but wants a shiny and substantial band.  

The consultant at my appointment was incredibly helpful and informative. She walked me through the process step by step, acknowledging my concerns and also reminding me what style we both preferred. Ultimately, her and I came to the consensus that my ring looked best with bands around it at each side. So now my original thought was a single thin band however, that did not look right against my petite ring. We even tried a thicker diamond band but there was something lacking. Finally, we stumbled upon an insert. In my research of bands, never once did I consider an insert. However, here I was, and in love with the insert. Was this the one? Possibly! Also, why is it that with weddings, everything important has to do with the woman?

Up until now, you guys have no idea that it took me literally 5 minutes to decide on a band for bae; simple rose gold, traditional but modern with a square edge. Men are easy (most of the time)! Shamefully, I did not know bae's ring size so he got an assignment right away to get measured. These decisions with wedding anything are just difficult.  Thankfully, I did not have to make the decision right then and there and I could consult my family and friends for advice. In addition, my consultant kept reminding me that I can stop by anytime to follow up and decide. At the conclusion, we wrote down my top 3 (2 for me and one for bae). And it was up to me to make the ultimate decision with the guidance of my consultant and family at home. Want to win $3000 worth in wedding bands? Scroll Down for more...

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One of the most important things to me is supporting local businesses! Because I am an entrepreneur in my own right, I find that there is so much power in putting my dollars into my local community. This includes shopping from other entrepreneurs, to indulging in local coffee shops, to eating at local restaurants, to shopping local grocers, and farmers markets. So with my wedding, it is no different. Michaels Jewelers is a family owned business that has been pouring into our state for over a hundred years. Because I am such a relationship person, my consultant was extremely sweet and incredibly helpful and it felt personal. I don't know about you, but those are the things I look for in life.

There is so much power in putting your dollars into your local community. Thank you Michaels Jewelers for investing local and thank you consumers, for keeping your dollars within your communities.


1. Know your ring size and your fiancés ring size. 

2. Choose a jeweler that will fit your needs (selection, distance, budget). For me, it is Michaels Jewelers.  

3. Keep an open mind. Your original idea may not be what actually looks good. 

4. Seek advice from those you love and your consultant. Typically, other people see something different that you don't see and their advice may be helpful. 

5. Ultimately, choose what you love and what speaks to you! You are wearing this. Not your mom, your bestie, nor bae. 

Thank you all! My wedding plans have sped up very quickly as we are literally a handful of months away from the big day! Although I've had 2 years to plan for this day, I still feel unprepared. Do you ever feel ready? I also made my final selections as far as wedding bands is concerned. Thank you so much to Michaels Jewelers for sponsoring this post. Be sure to check out their website or if you are local, stop by one of their 10 locations in Connecticut. Also for locals, be sure to check out their annual wedding band event which begins March 23rd and ends April 28th, 2018. During this time, you can save up to $500* on your wedding bands plus meet the designers & view hundreds of wedding bands during their touring trunk show! For more information, click here. Until next time loves, big bisous! 

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