What to do?: Lisbon, Portugal

Ola, Como vai!

Where is Lisbon?     

        Hello Friends! When I hear about someone's travel, I want to hear about the sights, the sounds, the smells, and all the little bitty details so I too can feel like I was there. Thank goodness for snapchat and IG stories that has brought that dream to reality as I am able to experience something with a loved one or a friend in real time. I am definitely a "can't travel alone" person so, last October 2016, my brother and I had a very exciting 12 day European excursion which ended with a mind-blowing six hour layover in Lisbon, Portugal. We had the option to wait it out in the airport; but with how easy commuting is in Europe, we just had to find something amazing outside the airport confines.

        For those, who do not know, Lisbon is the coastal capital city of Portugal. Portugal is located to the West of Spain, right over North Africa. Lisboa was literally the city we had been wishing for our whole vacation but only got a little taste of on our way back to America. From hilly and colorful Alfama to Cais de Colunas, there is plenty to do in 6 hours in this beautiful compact area of Lisbon.

WHAT TO DO: 6 things to do Lisbon in 6 hours

       So because we were on a tight schedule, we had to pick an area of Lisbon where we could see national sites, eat some amazing Portuguese food, and indulge in the culture. The perfect spot was heading to Alfama. Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon. Its hilly streets are lined with colorful buildings and people. There are eager tourists and locals looking for the best spot to pick up tiles, cork, and local seafood. It was such a beautiful cultural experience to end our 12 day European excursion.

1. Castelo de Jorge (Located in Alfama, the lines are incredible but worth the wait! We didn't actually end up seeing the view because of time, but if you have even a day, its a must) 

2. Ride Tram 28 (this historic 1930's Tram is a wonderfully scenic way to see Alfama) 

3. Take a 'tuk tuk' through Alfama (What a wonderful time to be alive! The beautiful hilly cobbled streets lined with bright and vibrant colors and people; the shoppes overlooking the river; the overwhelming scent of fresh pastries engulfed in the warm salty air. The sound of birds chirping in the breeze...can I please go back? There are little 'tuk tuks' or 3 wheeled taxi's everywhere, hail one down and pay a small fee (approx $40USD for a complete tour of Alfama) 

4. Shopping (The little shops in Alfama have the perfect souvenirs of cork and tile which are very inexpensive! We certainly did not have time to hit Mercado de Ribeira [largest market] but we certainly have hopes and dreams to return!)

5. Food (Outside Castelo de Jorge there is a cafe that serves Ginjinha [very sweet liqueur made from Ginja berries] and Pasteis de Nata [Brulee'd Custard Tarts]! Those were such a delight. There is also an overwhelming presence of sardines served fried, baked, preserved, or you name it)

6. Praça do Comércio ( I spent days in Switzerland and Italy before Portugal, and when I tell you that I was in awe, I was floored at the site of this place. It was just incredible. Incredibly clean and beautiful; overlooking the Cais de Colunas, the gateways from the Tagus River)

         I can't recommend traveling Lisbon enough. I literally spent just a few hours there and I know for sure that I am going back. There were so many special treasures that I need to enjoy thoroughly. I also recommend making Portugal the only stop on a 2 week trip as there is so much to see. If you guys have any questions whatsoever, let me know down below! Catch you guys next time on my next travel excursion. Big Bisous! 

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