how do I say your name?

My full name is Nonhlanhla Ngazimbi. Not many people who aren't Ndebele, Zulu, or Xhosa can pronounce that at all. So I stick to the short of that name, Nonee pronounce No-Knee! 

How long have you been blogging?

I used to blog at The Pinnest's Journal years ago (January 1st, 2012 to be exact) but I took a hiatus for a multitude of reasons. And now, I am back with Nonee's World feeling revived and rejuvenated. 

Are you a canon or Nikon gal?

I am definitely a Canon girl. I learnt on a Canon and have not looked back since. My current body is a Canon T6i and interchange lenses frequently. 

What is your size?

I have long, dominant legs so people think I'm tall from my photos but I am shy of 5'4. I appreciate the compliment of height but I am a shorty & proud! I also recently after college gained a lot of weight so now I'm skinny, thick at a size 4. 

do you like nursing?

I've been a nurse now for almost 4 years in the Critical Care environment. Like anything, I have amazing days and then I have not so great days. My favorite part about nursing is the people I get to encounter and the love and healing I aide in bringing them at their most vulnerable time. 

are you dating or nah?

I am excitedly engaged to my squeeze Tajli and we have been together for 7 years. We aren't a boisterous couple but omg, we love to laugh ALOT when we are together.