Hola! My name is Nonee and I am a 25 year old life & style Nurse blogger, designer, photographer, & brand strategist from Connecticut. When I'm home, I spend incredible amounts of time in my onesie or robe, with phone or computer in hand conjuring up ways to make my dreams reality. If I'm not delving into how to be a better entrepreneur, I'm grad schooling' for my MSN: AGACNP or running around the Critical Care as an RN. Nursing is so much a part of my life; I try to stay current and involved with my profession. I am a proud H.I.P Medelita Ambassador.  If I'm not busy with blogging or nursing, I am talking to my handsome fiance Taj who is grad schoolin' in Michigan.

Blogging is a passion of mine. I am fueled by the symbiotic exchange of information achieved. This is part two for me with blogging; as in a blog name The Pinnest's Journal still is out there as a remnant of my past. I've grown and experienced so much since then and I'm so happy to indulge in this journey with you. One of my favorite things in life is traveling. I love experiencing new cultures so I'm always packed; ready for new adventures! 3 things about me you must know: 1) I am addicted to the hustle, 2) I'm truly & fully Zimbabwean, and 3) I don't sleep anymore but I live for a solid nap.

    Nonee of #NoneesWorld


    • How Long? Since 2009...I was president of a club in college and found this new passion in taking pictures. 
    • Canon or Nikon? Totes a Canon gal, I learned on a Canon and it stuck
    • Why photography? It is an artistic expression for me. I seriously love finding new angles and seeing what works and what does not.
    • Current Body? Canon T6i with multiple lenses (I love the ease for blogging and also the professional quality for photography)
    • Inspirations? Natural hues, raw & organic elements, and utilizing the real moments to help tell a story
    • Specialty? Lifestyle and product photography


    1. I truly believe I was Mexican in another life.

    2. I sometimes refer to myself in the 3rd person and it drives Taj nuts! 

    3. I go through obsessive phases when I find something I like (currently seltzer water).

    4. I am so passionate about experiencing cultures through eating. 

    5. I started college when I was 16. 

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